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So last year I went to national portfolio day at Ringling in Sarasota Florida put it nicely...I was grossly under-prepared. I had next to none of my artwork with me and didn't have any of my sketchbooks. I was a wreck over all and it's a little embarrassing to look back on. I think the biggest factor that was in play was that I had NO idea what to bring and how to present my work. I was a senior in highschool and my teacher recommended I go but I really had no idea what to expect. (I somehow got a nice scholarship out of it but it wasn't enough for me to attend that school)

Point is: my goal is to rebuild/remake a portfolio and really one up myself. That's...not hard considering. I just have no idea what to show. I really want to go to an art school but that just aint gonna happen unless I get good scholarships and to do that I really have to improve my art and have a strong portfolio. I'm working on the art skill part, I just need advice on the portfolio and presentation.

Also has anyone got scholarships and gone to an art school? How did you do it? 
Madoka: Always by gravykins
Madoka: Always
Ok so here's the version with the text! the version without the text is here 
done with copics and watercolor, I wrote the words in SAI
Godoka by gravykins
I redid an older deviation, this is the version without text but I'll shortly upload the one with the quote on it. I used watercolors and copic markers
Species Sketches by gravykins
Species Sketches
Three different species that appear in my story world, from left to right their species names are Nikkavian, Draconic, and a Danem.

-Nikkavian are a proud race of bird people, at the height of their empire they had fought and conquered their way until they were one of the largest empires in the world. They are incredibly skilled fighters, their feathers are deceptively strong and sharp and can be used as shields.
-Draconic are another proud race, but they prefer to keep to themselves and follow their ancient traditions. When they come to age each Draconic goes on a journey and finds a dragon who becomes their partner for life. The bond between a Draconic and their Dragon is a strong magical one.
- The Danem were once a very talented and powerful race who excelled in all magic, a mysterious illness plagued the race and turned almost all of them into monsters, the few that didn't turn are cursed to wander in solitude in a state between life and death.


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Hi there! I'm just an artist who loves girls in frilly dresses. And also girls who kick ass. And girls doing both at the same time.

Things about me-


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